About Us

Hatzakortzian Dental Lab is a family owned and operated Dental Laboratory. We are located in Rialto, California. Hovig Hatzakortzian, Founder, started his first laboratory in Beirut, Lebanon 40 years ago. His expertise, and workmanship has been passed down to his two sons, Raffi and Saro.

Our focus today, is to make sure you receive your patients first new smile, upon delivering it. Our quality standards are among the highest in the industry. Quality and Expertise are the two main ingredients that fuel this company’s passion in delivering outstanding workmanship. Rigorous Quality control measures are taken into each case, and our 95.3% Redo Free cases are the ultimate result.

Many benefits come with working with us. The first of several you might notice, is
the ease of office work. Your new account will be set up, as soon as the first case is received. You will have an online user name and password to:

* Track Cases
* Manage Invoices
* Schedule Pick ups
* Create an Order Ticket